Sexual Assault Centre for Quinte and District

You are Not Alone

  • Sexual violence is never your fault
  • No one 'asks for it'
  • Most sexual assaults are committed by someone the survivor knows

You are not alone and we can help you.

If you are being sexual assaulted or abused currently or if you have experienced sexual violence in the past—it matters.

Talk to someone now.
Toll-free at 1-877-544-6424

If you require immediate help,
please call 911.

Free confidential, non-judgmental support for survivors of sexual violence

Each year, the SACQD helps hundreds of people deal with the devastating effects of sexual violence. Through its 24-hour crisis line, individual counselling, support groups, and residential healing program, SACQD staff and volunteers provide meaningful support to survivors and their families.

How Can I Help?

There are many ways to help through donating, volunteering, or by hosting a fundraising event. Learn more here on how you can help.

Help Now

Get Support

Access support here for individual counselling, support groups and our lending library.

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Retreat Centre

Providing a safe haven for survivors

SACQD offers, free of charge, a one-of-a-kind program surrounded by nature at our Paths of Courage Healing & Retreat Centre.

Learn more about our Retreat Centre
Call for Board Members

Call for Board Members

2023 Annual General Meeting

2023 Annual General Meeting

Take Back the Night 2023

Take Back the Night 2023

"Sexual assault is a serious, pervasive crime in our community. The deeply wounding effects of sexual assault ripple through our society, taking a toll on physical and mental health and family life, and affecting an inner sense of self."